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Provide outstanding service, by not only saving you money, but also by developing a lasting relationship. We pride ourselves in our response time, and being there for our customers. Not to mention, we find and get you the best deal the very first time.


Provide an excellent experience worth sharing with friends. We grow by word of mouth, by taking care of each customer like he/she is our only customer.

Steps in Getting Started

– appointment

Hit the contact tab and contact us. One of our representatives will contact you within 12 hours.

– Send a utility bill

After being contacted by us, send us your utility bill in order to identify your solar needs.

– Consultation

One of our HIS licensed representatives will come by and go over the results, and the best options to go solar for you. Also set a timeline for install.

– install

After a permit is approved by your city, we’re good to install. After inspection of install, and Permission to Operate, your savings begin immediately! Enjoy!


Go Solar. Take Control of Your Power Bill.

Zero down. Simply buy energy from the panels on your roof. Contact us and see if you qualify!




After being in the solar industry for a while, we noticed that the amount of solar services out there can be confusing. Our licensed consultants will asses your needs and give expert guidance in which service best meets your needs. The consultant will then sort through our 30 partners to see which deal is best for you.

We got sick of the gimmicks and unnecessary up selling that happens in the solar world. Hence, here we are! Our customers will vouch for us.


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